WEDDING HANDBOOK           Wedding Contacts and Fees

It is a great joy to know that you desire to be married at St. David’s Church and we want to help make that desire a reality.  It is the responsibility of the clergy, Wedding Guild, Flower Guild, and Organist to assist you and to insure that all is done in accordance with your wishes, the laws of the Episcopal Church, and general guidelines for an act of worship as set down for this parish.

Belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and a faithful commitment to His Church are necessary prerequisites to any request for a marriage to be conducted at St. David’s.  Holy Matrimony is not a private act, but is a Holy Sacrament that takes place within an active, worshiping community of faith.  Traditionally, either the bride or groom must be a member of St. David’s to be married here. It is only within a corporate community of faith that the public covenant of Christian marriage can be properly lived to the fullness and richness that is desired by God.

The first step in the marriage process is a meeting with the Rector, by calling 770-993-6084, ext. 101.

The Wedding Guild is present at all rehearsals and weddings. We work in teams of three or four to assist the priest, the bride and groom and wedding party. Soon after the wedding date is set, we meet with the bride and groom and the bride’s mother (or other special person) to discuss wedding plans in detail, answer questions, and get to know the people that we will be helping on the special day.  From that meeting onward, we are available to provide advice on wedding logistics.

At the rehearsal, we assist the priest in choreographing the wedding ceremony.  We rehearse the ushers, attendants, readers, and all moving parts of the wedding. On the day of the wedding we calm the nervous, cheer the melancholy, keep the groomsmen focused, help with inevitable clothing/hair/makeup issues, deal with the photographer, and serve as timekeepers to ensure that the wedding party is on schedule. We have an updated Wedding Handbook, a comprehensive planning guide to assist the bride and groom.  The booklet is available online, through the church website for the thoroughly modern bride-to-be.

Volunteers (male and female) are always welcome to join this excellent ministry. Call Linda Puckett for more information at 678-455-5153,  or