Sponsoring Altar Flowers  Flower Guild Needs You! Want to join the most creative and fun ministry at St. David’s? The Flower Guild is welcoming new members! No arranging experience needed, just a love of flowers and the desire to create! Our team is enthusiastic, supportive and committed to enhancing the St. David’s worship experience through the beauty of God’s nature. Please contact Karen Marshall or Cindy Sagendorph, co-chairs, to find out more about becoming a part of this important, fulfilling ministry!
Karen – karenmarshall2007@att.net

Cindy – cindajohnson66@gmail.com.

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Each week, the talented and creative members of St. David’s Flower Guild bring the beauty of God’s world to our worship space. The guild members are responsible for purchasing and arranging altar flowers for Sunday Services, weddings, funerals, Easter, Pentecost, and Christmas. There are 12 members on the Flower xenical online malaysia Guild. The members are divided into 6 teams which serve on a weekly rotation throughout the year. Each team serves approximately 5 times per year and joins other teams to arrange flowers for the Great Feasts.

Flower Guild Brochure: Sponsoring Altar Flowers

The Flower Guild invites all parishioners to sponsor altar flowers for any given Sunday throughout the year (during Lent the altar remains bare, but you may still sponsor flowers and it will be acknowledged in the Sunday bulletin after Easter). Sponsoring altar flowers is a beautiful way to honor loved ones marking special life events such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, baptism, confirmation, memory of a loved one, or a thanksgiving for life’s blessings. The cost for sponsoring altar flowers is $75 per family/individual.