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The Windows Of St. David’s

The full collection of the “Windows of St. David’s” will be online soon. For now, please enjoy a few excerpts and a message below.

Dear Members and Friends of Saint David’s:

I greet you in the Name of the Risen Lord, the subject, meaning and inspiration behind the wonderful stained glass windows about which you are about to read.

In this wonderful book written by Bruce Thomas and produced by Linda Thomas, you are about to take a wonderful artistic, spiritual journey. Along the way you will find yourself surrounded by the splendor, which is the stained glass windows of Saint David’s Episcopal Church, Roswell, Georgia in the Diocese of Atlanta. This book was produced in 2006 as part of the celebration of our 50th year as a parish church.

The Christian Church has, since the very earliest days, been a center for all things beautiful. The great artistic expression of history, from the cave man to Mozart has been an attempt to honor order xenical canada God, always understanding that our masterpieces are but a dim reflection. Stained glass windows in churches date back to the 10th century. The technique and artistry have evolved throughout the centuries – but it has always been an attempt to capture the wonder and majesty of God in His creative and sustaining role.

The windows of Saint David’s represent a technique that is a departure from the gothic expression a generation before to more realism (made possible by opalescent glass) without moving into modernism. The designs are precise with respect to Holy Scripture, matched wonderfully to the worship space, and the colors are magnificent; revealing something new with every change of light.

With deep gratitude to Bruce Thomas for his scholarship, dedication and sense of wonder, for Linda and her tireless efforts to help Saint David’s put its best foot forward, and to the saints of God who made these amazing windows possible I say, “Thanks be to God.”


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