Lia Bertelson
“Moving to Roswell in 2011 was my husband’s idea.  I was quite happy in our in-town neighborhood and was unsure about moving to Mike’s hometown.  Now, five years later, I am certain that God called us to move to Roswell to be a part of St. David’s church.  The Women of Wonder ministry provided me with spiritual food and instant group of wonderful friends.  Our two boys have flourished in the incredible children’s ministry program and at the preschool.  I am thankful every day for our St. David’s family. ”

Anise Bailey

“I joined St. David’s thirteen years ago upon relocation to Georgia.  I have been touched by the warmth and generosity from clergy and parishioners as I navigated periods of grief, illness, and great joy throughout the years.  The spiritual fulfillment and fellowship has enriched my life beyond my expectation.  St. David’s truly nourishes your soul and spirit and I am so very grateful!”



Ellie Dover
“Being a member of St. David’s has not only helped me create new friendships and become closer to family, but has also strengthened my faith.  I am so glad I have a place where I feel strong connection to God and to others!”




David Bacon
“We originally came to St. David’s looking for a church.  Today, we are part of a thriving spiritual community that continues to provide guidance, comfort and growth for all members of our family.”


Orlon Daniels
“St. David’s is my thin place.  It is where I feel closest to God surrounded by a community of faithful, kind and welcoming individuals.  Each week, I am fed spiritually from the sermons, adult Sunday classes and involvement in various ministries.  I feel blessed to be a part of this community.  My week starts at St. David’s.”