Where is the Church located?

When are your services?

When is Sunday School and Adult Christian Education?
Sunday School for children and adult Christian education is held at 10:15am to 11:00am each Sunday. During the summer schedule we do not have Sunday School or Adult Christian education.

Where do I park?
There is parking on the west of our campus (by entrance to the Church) and on the north side of our campus behind Jeffords Fellowship Hall (and the playground). There is also additional parking at Mimosa Elementary School, with stairs that lead to our campus.

There are handicapped parking spaces available in the parking lot adjacent to the Church with a handicapped entrance. Jeffords Fellowship Hall has handicapped parking located in the front of the Hall on the curved driveway. Parking is not allowed in the lane that is to your far right as you enter the JFH entrance from Old Roswell Road, this is a fire lane.

 What do I expect when I visit?
We want your visit to our Church to be a warm and welcoming experience. Please stop by our Welcome Center in the main entrance of the Church and a member of our Welcome Ministry will be there to assist you in any way possible. We would encourage you to fill out a Welcome Card, found in the Welcome Center or in the pew racks. The Welcome Card will enable us to send you information about our Church. It can be given to a greeter, member of the Vestry, dropped in the offering plate or the box located at the Welcome Center.

What do I expect as I enter the Sanctuary?
As you enter the Sanctuary the ushers will hand you a service bulletin. The bulletin will guide you through all of the service and will give you page numbers for the hymns. The hymnals (blue) and the prayer books (red) are located in the pew racks. Please sit wherever you are comfortable.

How do I take Communion?
All baptized Christians are welcome at the Lord’s table. Come forward to the altar rail as the Ushers direct you and take the next available place. You may stand or kneel, though most Parishioners kneel. Receive the communion bread in your open right palm, placed upon your left palm. You may then take the bread to your mouth or if you wish to receive by intinction (dipping), place the communion bread between the thumb and index finger of your right hand and hold the bread over your open left palm. This signals the Chalice bearer to allow you to dip the wafer into the wine. You may also receive the wine directly from the chalice by guiding it with your right hand. If you do not chose to receive the sacraments, simply cross your arms across your chest to receive a blessing.

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How do I change my contact information?

How do I put my name on the prayer list?

How do I arrange to give the altar flowers?

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