The following document lists the members of the vestry elected by the parish at the annual parish meeting. Each member is responsible for the different areas of parish life for which they serve as liaisons. Rachel Berhanan serves as Parish Treasurer, elected to that position by the vestry.  She is ex-officio, a non-voting member of the vestry. Meron Kelly, appointed by the Vestry,  serves as secretary to take minutes and is also a non-voting member of the vestry.

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You may view/read the minutes from vestry meetings by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.

Rachel Berhannan, Treasurer


Meron Kelly, Scribe


Leonard Ferrand

Term expires 2020 770-753-0404

Pat Daly

Term expires 2020 404-849-1228

Carole Ann Padgett

Term expires 2020 770-656-8666

Ken Harris

Term expires 2020 404-519-7572

Julio Alvarez

404-436-8910 Term Expires 2019

Lee Hunter

770-337-4429 term expires 2019

Ama Couch

678-640-8009 Term expires 2019

Lia Bertelson

404-840-9534 Term expires 2019

Robert Ward, Senior Warden

404-414-4935 Term expires 2018

Jennifer Rust

310-447-8919 Term expires 2018

Orlon Daniels

404-861-2023 Term expires 2018

Patty Conard, Junior Warden

770-714-6003 Term expires 2018

Gary Dunsmore, Finance Comm. Chairman


Please Note:
Vestry members wear nametags on Sunday outlined in red.  Look for them!

Vestry meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month in the Bethany room (upstairs back hallway), at 6:30 p.m. You may click on the appropriate month below to read the vestry minutes.  Parish members are welcome to attend any vestry meeting.

2018 Minutes:
January  January Treasurer’s Report
February   Treasurer’s Report – February
March   Treasurer’s Overview March 2018
April   April 2018 Treasurer’s Overview   April 2018 YTD Treasurer’s Overview
May    St Davids Treasurers Report May 22,2018
June Minutes  St Davids Treasurers Report June 2018
July minutes  July Treasurers Report
August minutes   St Davids Treasurers Report August 28, 2018

2017 Minutes:
November minutes  Treasurers Report November 28
December minutes  Treasurers Report December 19