Saint David’s Episcopal Church is a thriving parish of over 700 families and over 1800 baptized members located in Roswell, Georgia, approximately 20 miles north of downtown Atlanta. Roswell has a rich history. Many of its early families were coastal-Georgia planters. They arrived on the north Georgia frontier in the 1830’s, establishing prosperous cotton and woolen mills. Today, a number of their antebellum homes and landmarks are proudly on display in the historic district.

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Three out of four parishioners live in the city of Roswell, the neighboring city of Alpharetta or in the adjacent areas of north Fulton County. Located along the Georgia Highway 400 corridor, Saint David’s bisects a densely populated northern arc of communities.

With approximately 35% of its members under the age of 16, Saint David’s is full of growing families, active in community participation and full of volunteer spirit. Roswell and Alpharetta are growing and changing communities, and we recognize that Saint David’s will also continue to be a parish of changing faces. But in this area of transition and change, Saint David’s will remain a steadfast home for Christian worship and fellowship.