Welcome to St. David’s Sunday School!

2017 – 2018 Sunday School ends May 6

2018 – 2019 Sunday School begins September 9

Classes for children 2 years – 5th grade are taught each week September – May immediately following the 9 am service by a team of energetic, creative, and devoted teachers.  Sunday school is a happy welcoming environment where children learn the stories about Jesus and the Bible through shared play, music, crafts, baking, games and other interactive experiences.

Parents of 2 years – 4th grade drop off and pick up their children each week at their classrooms.  This is a great opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and check in for any ways to help and support the work of Children’s Ministry.  Fifth graders have a little more independence and can come to class and meet their parents afterwards with permission.

The four and five year olds begin their lesson with Susie Clements, Director of Children’s Music, for Cherub Choir.  Several times a year, the Cherub Choir will perform the choral introit for the 9 am service performing the songs buy xenical orlistat they have learned.  The children love this special music time and always enjoy performing in front of the congregation!

Children in 2nd – 5th grade meet each Sunday altogether for a snack and fellowship before breaking out into age groups for classes.  Classes are organized as workshops to teach the stores of Jesus and the Bible in fun and memorable ways through a variety of activities including music and singing, drama, baking, arts, crafts and games.  Older children also have regular opportunities to participate in Sunday School plays as a way to illuminate stories from the Bible and teach important lessons.  The children use their imagination and develop their leadership through these dramatic roles.

Click here for a list of Teachers and their Contact Information: Sunday school teacher list 2017-2018

Where We Meet

Main Building:

  • 2s – St. Elizabeth
  • 3s – St. Mark
  • 4s – St. Luke
  • 5s/K – St. John
  • 1st – Catacombs

Downstairs in Jeffords Fellowship Hall

  • 2nd – Mercy classroom
  • 3rd  – Grace classroom
  • 4th – Faith classroom
  • 5th – Hope classroom


Want to Help?  Have a Question?  Contact Judy Hine at children@stdavidchurch.org for more information.


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