All About Sunday School

Come to church & Sunday School! Bring a friend!


Children 2 years-5th grade are invited to join in the weekly fun, learning, and friend making of Sunday school!


Children’s Sunday school, a constellation of 9 classes, taught by a team of 30 + energetic, creative, and devoted teachers starts in September after Labor Day and continues through mid-May. Sunday school is a happy, welcoming environment where children learn the stories of Jesus and the Bible through shared play, music, crafts, baking, games, and other hands on experiences. Plus we love to eat snacks and play outside!


Each week, children have fun and make friends while learning about God’s love for them and ways we all can share that love with others.


Parents of children 2 years-4th grade drop off and pick up their children each week. This is a great opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and check in for ways to help and support the work of Children’s Ministry.  Fifth graders have a little more independence and with their parent’s permission can come to class on their own and meet their parent afterwards.

Click here for a list of Teachers and their Contact Information:

Where We Meet

Main Building:

  • 2s and 3s – St. Elizabeth
  • 4s – St. John
  • 5s/K – St. Luke
  • 1st – Catacombs

Downstairs in Jeffords Fellowship Hall

  • 2nd – Mercy classroom
  • 3rd  – Grace classroom
  • 4th – Faith classroom
  • 5th – Hope classroom


Want to Help?  Have a Question? Contact Director of Children’s Ministry, Judy Hine, at or the Asst. to the Director, Micky Trifanescu, at


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