Upcoming Year-End Reminders from the Finance Office…
The last date that contributions can be received in order to claim a charitable tax contribution for 2018 is Monday, December 31st. Checks and cash that are received by St. David’s after the 31st will not qualify for a 2018 deduction, even if the check is backdated to 2018. However, checks that are written, mailed and postmarked by December 31st will be deductible in 2018.

You may want to consider donating stock to fulfill your pledge. Gifts of stock can provide donors with a double tax benefit. First, you are able to claim a charitable donation on the current amount of the donated stock, not just the amount you originally paid for it. Second, you do not pay taxes on the appreciated value of the stock. Should you decide this is something you might want to do, please contact Cathy Cheatwood in the finance office at 770-993-1094, ext. 120, to get St. David’s account number and DTC # required for a broker to broker transaction This is a fairly easy way to make the transfer without all the paperwork.

Important:  St. David’s has made some changes to our account, so please call or email Cathy Cheatwood in the Finance Office for the new information BEFORE making a stock donation.

Lastly, St. David’s appreciates all your contributions. Each individual gift, financial and spiritual, will make a difference!