Stewardship 2017: Because of YOUR Gifts…
This year’s Stewardship theme is founded on 2 principles: first, support for the good work going on at St. David’s, and, second, the hope for even more to come. It is building on last years’ theme of BELIEVE-BELONG-BECOME as the natural progression of our walk with Christ here at St. David’s Episcopal Church.

Jesus was fully aware of how concern for money can damage us spiritually. That’s why fully one fifth of his teaching was about the perils of greed and envy when it comes to money. And he showed us the way to be responsible people of faith, through the generosity of good stewardship.

Thank you for your past good stewardship! St. David’s depends on you to do God’s will. For many of us, St. David’s is the major benefactor of our giving, not just of money, but of time and talent in volunteering for ministry. Most of you already know that generosity begets generosity, and the more you give the more you receive.

People give to a purpose that they believe in! So this year we’re going to have a paradigm shift. We’re going to focus on the Good News that’s coming out of our parish through a series of messages based on our theme, Because of YOUR Gifts… This will focus on our Inreach and our Outreach. For instance-
Because of YOUR Gifts…We have a thriving children’s music ministry with over 85 participants that didn’t exist 10 years ago. We’re serving the needs of our congregation and have brought new members in because of this ministry. We have children as young as 4 years old all the way through seniors in high school in our program now and are gaining recognition amongst our peers for Children’s Christian music.

Because of YOUR Gifts… St. David’s is able to make a difference in some of our society’s most vexing problems: poverty, homelessness, sex trafficking, and others in North Metro Atlanta by providing support and assistance to outreach ministries like Homestretch, Unidad, Drake House, Habitat for Humanity, North Fulton Community Charities and Path to Shine. All these ministries help children and families in our own community who are at risk.

With God’s help, our goal is to increase our pledging to $1.75 Million and 450 pledging units this year. This represents an increase of barely 10% growth. We know you have the desire to be a good steward and grow in faith. So please fill out the enclosed pledge card, which you can return to us by mail, or simply drop in the offering plate at church. You can pledge on line at:
Please know that if we haven’t heard from you by early November, we’ll follow up with calls, texts, and emails. So please turn your pledge in early.

Finally, remember the patron saint of Stewardship- Philippe, as in “Fill Up the baskets, Fill Up the plates.”

Thomas Nolfa
Stewardship Cheerleader