St. David’s 2020 Annual Stewardship Campaign
October 2, 2019

Dear St. David’s Family,

This is the time of year our church sends out the annual stewardship letter. It is typically written in a manner that extols the virtues of giving, with the usual line or two of scripture to illustrate the point. I’m going to deviate from that practice, and instead tell you why I pledge to St. David’s.

I pledge for largely selfish reasons. I pledge because I want St. David’s Episcopal Church to exist and thrive. Because if it didn’t, I would be left with a tremendous void in my life. I would miss my Sunday morning worship experience with the light streaming through the stained glass windows in our beautiful nave. I would miss the organ, the choir and the basement band. I would miss furthering my faith through the Rector’s forum. But mostly, I would miss the hugs of love and support from my community of friends, most of whom I only see at church.

I’m sure each of you would have your own list of items, events and people you would miss if St. David’s Episcopal Church didn’t exist. YOUR PLEDGES ALLOW OUR CHURCH TO EXIST!

I encourage everyone to get involved in the process. Study the church budget. See for yourselves what it takes to keep our community going. There is no fat in our budget. I thank the staff and ministry chairs for the budgetary restraint they show. I applaud the finance committee for their attention and oversight to every line item of our budget. We are able to get the most out of every dollar pledged and given to our mission.

In this time of transition, you may pause about being involved and declaring a pledge. However, I assert that now is the perfect time, and a critical time, to LOOK UP and seek God, SHOW UP fully in the life of St. David’s, and STEP UP to claim St. David’s as a priority. Now is the time to say, this is my church family, and it is an ultimate priority in my life. This is where I receive my spiritual nourishment, this is where our children are nurtured and learn about the love and grace of Jesus Christ, and this is where I want to further my faith with our new Rector. THIS IS THE PLACE I WANT TO BE!

We are a congregation of generous people. May you give prayerfully and generously to St. David’s this year.

With gratitude,

Ama Couch
Senior Warden

There are three easy ways to pledge:
• Pledge card – mail to church or drop in the Offering plate.
• St. David’s Website
• St. David’s App