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Stewardship Meditation – Service

Service to Others
A Stewardship Meditation by Orlan Daniels
Jesus was describing the judgment that will take place upon His return. One could say He appears to scare and yet encourage us to live faithfully. He understood that there will always be people who are poor and in need of His love and grace.
As Christians, Jesus calls us to feed those who are hungry, clothe those who are naked, care for those who are sick. These acts require a physical encounter where people may be mere inches or barely a foot from one another. In the wake of this pandemic, being close like that is not possible, and so, many have had to be creative in how they serve. Today, many have had to settle for leaving food at a front door or providing comfort through video chats, social media, and phone calls. Some have used this time to focus their talents for the benefit of serving others—like the Virginia teen with a love for woodwork, who with the help of others, uses his talent to make desks for children learning from home.
Serving others means putting their needs in front of yours, in some instances reaching out beyond your comfort zone and demographic to bring solace and much-needed support to others.
These scriptures remind me of when my daughter and I were regular Hands on Atlanta volunteers who would go to an annual Christmas charity event in College Park to brighten the lives of underserved families. One year on our way to the event, I could not remember the highway exit. We tried several exits, going in circles each time. I finally decided that I would try one final time then we would return home. My daughter looked at me and said “We are not going home. This is not about you.” We eventually got off at the right exit and had a wonderful time serving countless families in need of Jesus’ love and grace.
Whether it is helping the homeless, building a Habitat home, delivering a meal to a neighbor, grocery shopping for the elderly, etc. God wants us to serve others. To not only be His vessels that reach out but also to invite more into fellowship and ministry.
Following this pandemic, the need will be much greater. We all have faith that things will be back to a new normal someday soon, but until that day comes, we must continue to reach out and serve others through the various ministries of the vessel that is St. David’s.

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