This is ministry initiative at St. David’s is designed to enhance the health and growth of St. David’s by growing our personal relationships with God, sharing the Good News about the power of God in our lives and inviting friends and family to share the joy and friendship we all experience at St. David’s.

St. Aidan’s Guild is a diverse group of approximately 16, both staff and parishioners, who have expressed interest in and commitment to the overall growth and well being of our parish.

Our short term goals are to enhance our program for invitation, hospitality and integration.  Staff  members Jan Georges and Linda Thomas are implementing excellent programs for community awareness and integration.  When people visit St. David’s, a remarkably high percentage become active members of our faith community already.  So our goal is to increase the number of visitors.

Going forward, we will be promoting the concept of invitation—encouraging all members of the Parish to invite friends and family to visit St. David’s.  This was a part of the stewardship buy orlistat 120mg capsules program for this year and we will be working to help parishioners find comfortable ways to extend the invitation.

For the longer term, we have been studying a process called Natural Church Development (NCD) and believe it is a viable approach to improving the overall health of St. David’s.  The research behind NCD is excellent.  Its premise is that healthy churches are growing churches, and the process is based on principles rather than models.
Out of the research, NCD identified eight quality characteristics that are universal qualities present in all growing, healthy churches.  They are:
• Empowering Leadership
• Gift-based Ministry
• Passionate Spirituality
• Effective Structures
• Inspiring Worship Services
• Holistic Small Groups
• Need-Oriented Evangelism
• Loving Relationships
The key in each characteristic is the adjective.

The implementation of NCD is a five step process:

1) Prepare
2) Diagnose
3) Plan
4) Implement
5)  Evaluate

At the recommendation of St. Aidan’s Guild, the Vestry of St. David’s has not only approved this process, but given their enthusiastic commitment to its implementation.

If you have any questions about St. Aidan’s Guild, please contact Ken Swanson (770-993-6084).