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Spiritual Direction Course

Ken Swanson’s Course in Spiritual Direction will begin again in September

Have you ever wished you could deepen your prayer life so that your faith was more meaningful? If the answer is yes, this is your opportunity to grow into spiritual maturity. Beginning in September, Ken Swanson will be offering his course in Spiritual Direction. The course is designed to help you develop a disciplined prayer life.

In each of the sixteen sessions over thirty-four weeks, Ken will teach a different prayer discipline. Starting from a foundation of centering prayer and journaling, the course will explore prayers of self-understanding such as confession, oblation and virtue; prayers for receiving and offering forgiveness; prayers of praise and thanksgiving, prayers of petition and intercession, and the nature of contemplative prayer which leads to deep intimacy with God. Anyone who takes this course, and practices the disciplines will develop a deep and broad knowledge of Christian prayer.

The class will meet every two weeks on Monday evenings (except for two longer breaks), beginning on September 11th. Each session will include teaching, small group discussion and the learning of a new prayer discipline. Every class member will practice that discipline each day for the two weeks between meetings.

This is not a course for the casual or dilettante. To enroll one must make a commitment to complete the entire course and to set aside a minimum of one hour a day for prayer and study. If you are interested you must contact Ken Swanson at

The fruit of your commitment will be heightened self-understanding, a thorough knowledge of the nature of Christian prayer, and hopefully an enriching and deeper relationship with God.

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