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Special Invitation to Sing with our “Virtual Choir”

If you have thought about joining the choir, this is a good time.
 We welcome singers in our congregation who can sing with the St. David’s “Virtual Choir”.   It takes each singer about 30-45 minutes total and brings much satisfaction to many people. Some of our Virtual Choir singers have even recorded “on the road” from different work and vacation locations. They are a very dedicated group from the choir and congregation. I love working with them and greatly admire their dedication and service to our church’s virtual worship every week. They seem to enjoy this unique ministry as well – these are verbal and written quotes from them, made recently.
“ Making these recordings is a gift to God, an oblation….. it needn’t be perfect because God is pleased with our imperfect efforts when they come from the heart”.
 “The more I record, the easier it gets”
“We are all in this together”.
“We have one avenue left to make music together”.
“The whole is larger than the sum of the parts”.
“It’s a way to say thank you for the voice God has given us”.
 “At first, DELETE was my favorite button!”
“Each person’s voice is part of the fabric”.
 “No one is a soloist – everyone blends”
“Each week we are building a ‘quiet’ confidence”.
 “I am learning better sight-reading, rhythm and phrasing.”
“It has helped my focus .
 “Perfection is not going to happen; we sing from our hearts”.
“During these difficult times when we are physically separated, the sound of the choir reminds everyone of our connection as the church community in Christ. “
” Singing is one of the few constants in my life “ ……
“When I learned that folks were singing with us at home it was more motivation to record and to encourage everyone to sing together, as we all worship together!”
If you are interested in joining our St. David’s Virtual Choir, please email Music Director Sue Mitchell-Wallace. ( or
I will be glad to speak with you, explain the simple process, and personally lead you through the details from beginning to end. It is an easy process. It is rewarding. Help inspire our home-singers by lending your voice and love of singing to our St. David’s Virtual Choir
Sign-up now to earn special stars in your crown! ( or
Sign-up now to earn special stars in your crown!

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