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7/29 Last Sunday for School Supplies Collection

There are children and parents in our community for whom these needs are a nearly impossible mountain to climb. Will you help?

A visit to the director of the project produced this inside scoop:
LOTS of folks want to donate all the cute little kid stuff and even some of the interesting middle school items, but very few are interested in the mundane high school list.

MANY people give backpacks but very few give flash drives.

The Back to School Program always gets enough backpacks but never enough flash drives. Flash drives are readily available for less than the cost of a backpack!

Could we make those high school needs our priority this year? Here’s the list:

***Flash Drive/Memory Stick***
***Scientific Calculator***
***Index Cards (3×5) ***
***3 ring Notebook Binder (1.5-2”)***
***Notebook Dividers***
***Post-it Notes***
***Graph Paper***
#2 Pencils or Mechanical Pencils
College Ruled Notebook Paper
Black, Blue. Red Pens
Composition Notebooks
Spiral Notebooks
New Sturdy Backpacks( no wheels)
Pocket & 3hole Folders
Dry Erase Markers

***Most Needed Items***

You will find bins on a table in the mailbox hallway, ready to receive your contributions of these items starting July 15 – July 29.

If you bring your supplies to church by Sunday, July 29, we will get them to NFCC.

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