Quiet time for a child and quiet time for the family is often centered around a simple shared story. Sometimes that story comes from you, from your own memories and childhood, spoken aloud to your child as they nestle in the crook of your arm. Sometimes the story comes from a trusted book, where language and illustrations capture your child’s heart and imagination. To be present with a child fully absorbed in at engaging story especially a story of love, faith, and family life is to share a sacred moment.
Sharing quiet times for reading create family ritual and connections…quiet time in your home may be just before bed time(that interval after the not quiet time of homework and bath 😉 and before sleep) Quiet times for reading may come early in the morning before the house is awake and before the day begins… on even on a rainy afternoon…trust whatever time works for your family…and read together.
Books with electronic pages work too, but the books listed here are recommended with paper pages for turning and stories for sharing.
The list below is a place to begin. Not meant to be comprehensive in any way. It may spark in you the desire to share a favorite book about faith, love, family life that your family enjoys. Call or email me with your recommendation!
Wishing you blessings for many family moments of shared story telling and reading.

Bibles and Devotions

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Ladder of Angels

LadderofAngelsSixty-five full-color illustrations, chosen from the “Children of the World Illustrate the Old Testament” contest and subsequent exhibition, combine with evocative retellings of Old Testament stories by Madeleine L’Engle to create a reading experience to be cherished by all people – young and old.




The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories

Introduce children to the stories and characters of the Bible with this best-loved Bible storybook. With vibrant art and compelling text, more than 90 Bible stories come to life. Kids ages 6 and under will enjoy the fun illustrations of Noah helping the elephant onto the ark, Jonah praying inside the fish, and more, as they discover The Beginner’s Bible just like millions of children before.




Children of God Storybook Bible

childrenofgodDesmond Tutu retells more than fifty of his most beloved stories, artfully highlighting God’s desire for all people to love one another and to find peace and forgiveness in their hearts. Many of the finest artists from around the world have been selected to illustrate the stories. In an attempt to create the first truly global Bible for children, the artists have been invited to portray the stories with the style and richness of their own culture. Their stunning color illustrations allow readers to experience the Bible stories as if they were there―with Adam and Eve in the garden, with Noah on the ark, with Abraham in the desert, and with Jesus on the mountaintop. Every story shows how God works through history and ends with a short prayer, which personalizes the message for each reader’s own life.




The Lion Storyteller Bible

lion storytellerbibleDesigned especially for reading aloud, The Lion Storyteller Bible contains over fifty Bible stories chosen specifically for their story content and appeal. for children ages 4 through 7. The unique larger format of The Lion Storyteller Bible enables both the reader and the child to share the colorfully illustrated stories together. This fresh, engaging approach to Bible stories is highlighted by gentle humor running throughout. Beautifully illustrated, The Lion Storyteller Bible is perfect for bedtime reading, rainy days, and family hours.




Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 1-5


The award-winning Read Aloud Bible Stories series has delighted children, parents, and teachers for decades. Written by Ella K. Lindvall and illustrated by Kent Puckett, these timeless stories of the Bible are retold in clear, simple language children will enjoy and understand. And parents will appreciate the care taken to simplify the stories without sacrificing any accuracy.





The Lion Classic Bible


Stunning in presentation and full in scope, The Lion Classic Bible is an evocative retelling of the Bible’s great stories for children. In 12 flowing chapters, Andrea Skevington brings together all the Bible’s treasured tales to reveal the overarching story of God and his people.





The New Adventure Study Bible


The New Adventure Bible opens up the door to Bible adventure and discovery for kids ages 8-12. This edition includes the popular New International Version (NIV) plus all the features that have made this study Bible the leading Bible for kids. With its practical approach, The New Adventure Bible helps kids make the jump from learning the Bible to living the Bible.





Images of God

imagesofgodThe Bible describes God in many different ways: God is light; God is joy; God is wisdom. God is the beauty that fills the earth and the rock we stand on, the promises we live by and the fire that purifies us. This volume offers a collection of these images, presented in simple language that young readers can easily understand. This book’s bright artwork and lyrical text, written by the bestselling author of Psalms for Young Children, explores how, even though we cannot see or touch God, we can still discover him in our world.



Psalms for Young Children

The Psalms describe a whole range of emotions, from joy and wonder to sadness and regret. This collection of Psalms, paraphrased for young readers, uses simple yet powerful imagery to help children express their feelings.



Animals of the Bible

animalsofthebibleThe bible’s stories abound with animals—Jonah’s whale, the ram sacrificed in Isaac’s place, the serpent who tempted Eve. Some fill minor roles, while some are central to their stories. But God watched over all of them, delighted in their creation, and used them for great purposes and important lessons. All of them bear witness to God’s wisdom and love. This colorful book, with text that is brief and simple enough for young readers, presents a survey of the menagerie of creatures that populates the pages of the bible. These diverse creatures offer an excellent way to help children discover God’s world and its profound messages.



Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Children

Devotions written as if Jesus is speaking directly to a child’s heart.
Based on her original Jesus Calling, this version has been adapted in a language and fashion that kids and tweens can relate to their everyday lives.





Five Minute Devotions for Children


This delightful devotional is perfect for bedtime, dinnertime, or anytime. Each short devotion includes a story about an animal illustrating its dominant trait as created by God. That trait is then related to a child. Questions at the end are fun for the young child to answer, such as picking out something in the picture, asking what the animal is doing, and asking what God wants us to do. Each devotional concludes with a short bible verse.





Picture books




Jesus Loves me


Warnes has illustrated this beloved children’s hymn with heartwarming depictions of three bears enjoying a variety of activities in their idyllic forest home.






Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You

Love is the greatest gift we have to give our children. It’s the one thing they can carry with them each and every day.
If love could take shape it might look something like these heartfelt words and images from the inimitable Nancy Tillman. Here is a book to share with your loved ones, no matter how near or far, young or old, they are.





Saint Francis


This is the story of a rich man’s son who gave up his wealth and lived and worked among the poor. He loved all God’s creatures and called them his sisters and brothers. His name was Francis.
In this beautifully illustrated and sensitively written book, Brian Wildsmith tells the story of Saint Francis.






Noah’s Ark


For 40 days and 40 nights rain poured from the heavens, enveloping the world. Only Noah had been warned by God of the great flood and only Noah could save life on earth. This powerful story of salvation has fascinated people of all ages for centuries. Now, four-time Caldecott Honor-recipient Jerry Pinkney captures all the courage, drama, and beauty of this ancient parable in rich, glorious paintings.





Noah’s Ark


The bee and the fox, the sheep and the ox–two of each kind trudged aboard Noah’s famous vessel. Peter Spier uses his own translation of a seventeenth-century Dutch poem about this most famous menagerie.






Women of the Bible


An elegantly illustrated collection of ten favorite Bible stories retold from the point of view of the women involved









Get Out of My Life! But First Could You Drive me and Cheryl to the Mall?

When Anthony E. Wolf’s witty and compassionate guide to raising adolescents was first published, its amusing title and fresh approach won it widespread admiration. Beleaguered parents breathed sighs of relief and gratitude. Now Dr. Wolf has revised and updated his bestseller to tackle the changes of the past decade. He points out that while the basic issues of adolescence and the relationships between parents and their children remain much the same, today’s teenagers navigate a faster, less clearly anchored world. Wolf’s revisions include a new chapter on the Internet, a significantly modified section on drugs and drinking, and an added piece on gay teenagers. Although the rocky and ever-changing terrain of contemporary adolescence may bewilder parents, Get Out of My Life gives them a great road map.




Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

Written for parents of children of all ages, Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child will enrich the bonds between parent and child and contribute immeasurably to the development of a generation of emotionally healthy adults.