Unidad, wants to bridge the gap between both Anglo/Hispanic communities at St. David’s.

Unidad: n. unity, oneness; cooperation; ensemble; friendship; absence of diversity; denomination; unit; one.

Unidad is made up of members from Anglo/Hispanic St. David’s communities, working together to affect change in the local community while building fellowship with one another. Together they reach out to the impoverished local Hispanic community living across the street from our church.

Ten families were chosen to be the initial recipients of this outreach program. Thursday evenings our volunteers and families come together in Jeffords Fellowship Hall. The adults will prepare two meals buy xenical 120 mg together; one meal eaten that evening together in fellowship, the second meal is taken home by our outreach families.
The children of these families receive tutoring during the food preparation propecia online time, at a level appropriate for each student.

ESL classes follow dinner.

Would you like to be a part of this exciting program?
You do not need to speak Spanish to participate, but we love those who do!
Do you like to cook?
Would you enjoy tutoring a child?
Have you taught ESL, or are interested in training?

For more information, call Ken Harris at 404-519-7572 or email at kenlhar@yahoo.com.