Honduras Mission Trip…
Have you ever wanted to participate in “The Great Commission” and to go out into the world and “Be The Church?” For 15 years, missionary teams from St. David’s and other area churches have been going to Honduras, most recently focusing on supporting the work of the LAMB Institute’s children’s home in San Buena Ventura. For more information on this mission work go to the following link: http://stdavidchurch.org/outreach/honduras-mission/. For 2019 the adult trip is tentatively scheduled for March 9th – 16th. In the past we have focused on interaction with the children while doing a building mission, but this year we are considering a two track program with the second track being spiritual development/reflection. The cost will depend on the number attending, but tends to run about $500 -$550 (food, lodging, and local transportation) plus airfare. St. David’s has a budget item that covers some of the project costs. For more information or to express and interest, please call Bill Sleeper at 678-640-5428 or email wsleeper@aol.com. Please prayerfully consider if God is calling you to participate in the adult trip this year. It will change your life forever. There is also a youth trip planned for June and more information will be coming out on that.

St. David’s sponsors a missionary to Honduras – Amanda Scott, who has been in Honduras for 5 years. Here is a link to her blog:  http://hondurasamanda.blogspot.com/.

honduras logoThe Lamb Institute
Mission: LAMB (US) acts in partnership with LAMB (Honduras) to accomplish their mission of sharing the hope found in Christ Jesus as they care for, educate, protect, and empower those suffering extreme poverty, abuse, and exploitation in Honduras. We exist to give glory to God by sharing what He is doing through His servants in Honduras, by praying with and for them, by providing financial resources and oversight, and by extending opportunities for churches and individuals to join in His work. Purpose: LAMB Institute is a holistic organization. We focus on the whole person, the whole family, and the whole community. We work to empower our beneficiaries to achieve self sufficiency and sustainable development in the quality of their lives. We provide opportunities, support, and encouragement to help them achieve their dreams. LAMB operates a school (pre-K – 8th grade) for 230 children in one of the most violent and poverty stricken areas of Tegucigalpa, a large youth outreach program to provide an alternative to gangs and drugs (approximately 250 youth), a micro-credit program with over 300 small business owners, a safe house for victims of human trafficking, multiple community programs, and a residential home outside the city for over 70 children who came from situations of  abuse and neglect.

Lamb Institute History
The LAMB Institute was started 16 years ago as a result of a vision God gave to Suzy McCall, who had been a missionary in Honduras for several years. The LAMB Institute began in Flor del Campo, an impoverished barrio in Tegucigalpa. With an unemployment rate of 52% in a country with no safety net, desperate mothers began leaving their babies on Suzy’s doorstep as they searched for work to survive. In order to enable mothers to keep their children, LAMB opened a daycare and kindergarten in March 2005. Now the school offers daycare through 8th grade for over 230 children.   DINAF, Honduran social services, depends on NGOs like LAMB to take care of children who are victims of extreme poverty, abuse, or abandonment. In the fall of 2004, we began to receive children needing full time care. LAMB added a children’s home to its ministries. Today, relocated to 30 acres outside Tegucigalpa, we care for over 70 of “God’s Littlest Lambs.”   LAMB’s motto is “following the Lamb wherever He goes.” Over the years, LAMB has been led to open a safe house for trafficked girls, a micro-credit program to give loans to allow impoverished people to own their own businesses, a youth program to provide an alternative to gangs and drugs in Flor del Campo, and a human trafficking prevention program in elementary schools.   In 2010, Suzy realized an important element of her founding vision. She turned over all leadership to young, talented, creative Hondurans. All of LAMB’s programs are led by Hondurans with Suzy providing spiritual leadership. The Honduran leadership team works closely and collaboratively with the US based Board of Directors.   All of us at LAMB are very thankful for the opportunity to share our organization with MedAssets. In keeping with the Honduran culture and one of LAMB’s core principles, we hope to establish a relationship with MedAssets and its employees. by Margaret Merritt, US Executive Director

Honduras childrens homeOver 70 children live in our Casa Hogar children’s home in the mountains outside Tegucigalpa. All of our children were victims of abuse, neglect and extreme poverty. Through love, nurturing, education, and constant reminders that God has a plan for each of them, they have a new found hope. They begin to dream and their dreams for the future seem within reach.



La Vida Nueva (A New Life)
is our safe house for trafficked girls. Currently, 11 girls, ages 9-18, are safe, loved, and going to school. They have blossomed as beautiful daughters of Christ.


honduras alliance for lifeAlianza de Vida (Alliance for Life) teach elementary public school children about the dangers of human trafficking and reinforce their own dignity and worth as precious children of God. Last year, they reached over 2,000 children in Tegucigalpa




The Holistic Community Development Program
provides micro loans, business skills workshops, life skills classes, and self-esteem workshops to our 300 clients. Spiritual support, counseling and emergency aid round out the program to help our clients, mostly single mothers and elderly women to improve the lives of their families.


honduras alonzoThe Alonzo Movement was born out of the tragic murder of a Honduran intern. Over 250 teens meet in clubs weekly, forming a healthy sense of community. Teens who have turned their backs on gangs and drugs buy ambien and have chosen school and Jesus instead. Teens who are learning to love themselves, their families, and their community.




honduras di dios 2
Los Corderitos De Dios School:
In the middle of impoverished, gang-ridden Flor del Campo, an inner city barrio, is an oasis – God’s Littlest Lambs school. The 230 children receive an excellent education. More importantly, they learn they are precious children of God.




honduras di dios