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Rector’s Forum

Rector’s Forum: “Basic Christianity” led by Ken Swanson – Have you ever thought about brushing up on Christian faith? And would you like to learn exactly what it means to be an Episcopalian? If so, this class is for you. It began on Sunday, February 17th at 10:15am in the front half of Jeffords Hall. It will have four sessions that will cover the basic contours of Christian faith as well as the particulars about what it means to be an Episcopalian. If you can’t make every Sunday, each class will be posted on our website as a podcast, so you can listen to it later. Should you feel called to reaffirm your faith sacramentally, or to be confirmed as an Episcopalian, Bishop Rob Wright will be with us on Thursday evening, May 9th for confirmation, reception and reaffirmation. This course will prepare you for that.

… Feb. 17:    Mere Christianity: What Christians Believe

…  Feb. 24:   The Anglican Vision: How We Came To Be

…  March 3:  The Book of Common Prayer: How We Worship

…  March 10: Anglican Theology and Polity: What Makes Us Unique

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