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Rector’s Forum thru Lent

Rector’s Forum: Sunday Mornings thru Lent, 10:15-11:00 a.m., Swanson Hall. No Rector’s Forum on Sunday, March 15.
“From Genesis to Jesus: What Can the Torah Tell Us About Christ?”
For centuries, Christians have made the grave error of seeing Jesus’ life, teachings, and even resurrection as “separate” from the Hebrew Scriptures that he himself read and followed. What are those connections that we must make now? What new discoveries in history, literary analysis, and even archaeology, shed light on the most ancient texts in the Bible? Topics include, “Was Adam a Neanderthal?” “Adam and Eve: the first Love Story”; “Cain and Abel: ‘Mom always liked you best’!” “Isaac to Abraham: ‘Um, Dad, where did you say that sacrifice was’?” and other themes until, by the end of Lent, we will explore the major ways that we have viewed the Crucifixion and Resurrection itself. Join Interim Rector Dean Taylor as he explores these timeless, sacred stories in a new way!

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