Music is central part to our worship and spiritual life at St. David’s.

As Episcopalians, we are inheritors of a rich Anglican Choral Tradition of exceptional quality.  While we embrace the tradition at St. David’s by offering music which has stood the test of time, we also champion the work of modern day composers who prove that God continues to speak to musicians writing today.  The music programming is guided by the lectionary readings for the day as well as the liturgical season.

A New Opportunity for Parents of Children
Babysitting is available for parents wishing to ring bells and/or sing in our adult choir on Thursday evenings. This is a great blessing for the music ministry and our church members who love music but have felt unable to participate because of family responsibilities. The babysitting will begin at 6:30 on Thursday evenings for bell choir and conclude at 8:30pm so that parents can rehearse an hour with the adult choir before taking little ones home. We are very excited to offer babysitting so that everyone who loves to either ring and sing can be active in our music ministry. Please contact Susie Clements, Sue Mitchell-Wallace or Sarah McVay for more details about this exciting ministry expansion for young parents. Sue Mitchell-Wallace, Ext. 107;