August 19 (Lecture Only)
August 26 (With Zoom discussion)
7:00 p.m.
Racism: A New Story of an Old Sin
A Deep Dive into the History of Racism, and Why It Divides Liberals and Conservatives with Interim Rector, the Rev. Dean Taylor
These past several months have been called an important “moment” for our nation in its awareness of racism in our world. And yet, “Conservatives” and “Liberals” have differing views on what that racism really is, and more importantly, what steps can be taken to make our common life better. The first step of that journey is to know the history—the “deep history” of racist ideas that we may not have thought about before.
Join Fr. Dean for two succeeding Wednesday evenings of on-line teaching, using insights gained from Ibram Kendi’s, Stamped from the Beginning, and Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste. These will be posted to St. David’s Facebook and Youtube channels with Zoom discussions will be offered at a later time (TBA).


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