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Let’s Go On a Pilgrimage to….St. David’s?

Have you missed just “being” in the beautiful St. David’s sanctuary? It is a “Holy Place” soaked with the prayers of this Church Family’s life together, and when we are not able to be present, we miss it terribly.
Well, here’s some Good News! Even though Sunday Worship services are still not possible, it will be possible for parishioners to visit the Sanctuary for prayer and meditation on Mondays (from 4:30-6:30) and Thursdays (from 10:30 to 12:30 beginning Monday, September 14.
Because of the ongoing precautions around the Corona virus, certain restrictions will be in place, at least for the time being:
  • Only ten people will be allowed in the sanctuary at a time, and each visit can last no longer than thirty (30) minutes.
  •   We ask that make a reservation by emailing Jan Georges at and indicate the day and time you would like to make a reservation.
  •  Enter from the Front door only. Volunteers will greet you, take your name, ensure that you are wearing a mask (mandatory), ask if you have taken your temperature at home.”
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the Welcome Desk and Greeter will ask those attending to use before entering the Church building.
  •  An. Usher will then lead you to a seat in the sanctuary already marked off for “safe distancing
  • When you have completed your 30-minute time period, or if you wish to leave sooner, please exit through the double door at the front of the Church building as quietly as possible.
  • Since this is a time and space for meditation and prayer, please do not stop in the main hallway to talk.
  •  Your name will be shown as attending on our contact list. A (confidential) contact list is required so that, in the event of exposure to the virus, you can be notified.
  • If you become infected with the virus after being in the Church building, please contact Rebecca Cline (770-993-1094, ext. 104) as soon as possible so that we can use our contact list to advise those who were in attendance. Names of those that are ill will remain anonymous.
  • It should be taken seriously that each participant uses his or her own judgment about health concerns and not attend public gatherings if medically at risk, feeling ill, or concerned that other family members could be affected.
We hope that these temporary accommodations will help ease the strain of this quarantine and that we will soon be able to worship together again on Sunday mornings in our beloved St. David’s Sanctuary.

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