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Ladies Thursday Morning Bible Study

Come join the Thursday Morning Ladies’ Bible Study as we begin a fascinating new series on the Old Testament books of 1 & 2 Samuel. First Samuel is the story of King Saul’s reign, and Second Samuel is the story of King David’s reign. The nation of Israel transitions from the time of the judges into a monarchy, but it is not always an easy change. There is ongoing conflict between Saul and David as Saul tries to hold onto his throne and David tries to hold onto his life! Curious? We invite you to journey with us as we read how Samuel the prophet anoints Israel’s first king. Things get interesting fast! Beginning Thurs. Jan 9, 2020 in Grace Parish Hall, 10:00 am to 11:30 am. Please call Kim Freeman 770 442-3128 for details. We love new faces!

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