Important Update on Returning to Church

The “hoped for” tentative date of May 31st for the return to usual worship at St. David’s is NO LONGER IN EFFECT.

It has become clear to me, as well as to your Senior and Junior Wardens, the Bishop, and the St. David’s Protocol Committee, that it would not be healthy and safe to reopen the sanctuary by May 31st.

At this time, we do not have a “Return to Church” date, but we will be monitoring the situation closely, and we will keep you informed along the way.

I fully realize that this news is heartbreaking for many, if not all of us, for we miss one another, and we miss being physically present in our wonderful place of worship. However, we are determined to be responsible and safe and to return at a time and in a way that is as safe as possible. As always, please keep your beloved parish in your daily prayers.



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    peter tennis says

    Yes, Yes, Yes

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    Patricia W Klausman says

    I truly feel that we have deserted God in His house. I know full well that God is everywhere at all times, but there is a closeness at St. David’s that is missing almost anywhere else. I am really disheartened that our church seems not to be trying to get back to normalcy with any speed. That is disheartening to me. There is no where else that I can see nearly all my friends in one place, not to mention feeling in God’s presence.



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    Graham Andoe says

    One key element we the church need is to receive the Eucharist; therefore, why can’t St Davids have mobile deliveries organized for the infirm and aged? Since my wife and I passed 70 with a full head of steam ( Ha!) and now are looking back at 80, we are more than slightly interested in this concept. Your brother and sister in Christ, Graham and Jimi Andoe.

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    carole says

    Thank you for your care and leadership in this difficult time.

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