Saying “hello” to parishioners and newcomers may seem like a small thing but if you were a person walking through the doors of St. David’s and you were feeling discouraged or alone then that welcoming smile could be a sign that a loving community exists within the walls of our parish.

After all, isn’t that what we are looking for? Whether a long-time parishioner or a newcomer….. we want to find a place where we belong—where we feel connected to others.

Would you like to play a role in building this loving community? A Welcome Ministry volunteer commits to greeting at just one church service one Sunday a month. You may also be asked to serve at special events (funerals, receptions, etc.) but this is on a volunteer basis.

As the unofficial hosts and hostesses of St. David’s—you make each person who walks through our doors feel as if they are coming home—that they are wanted, loved, and cared for.

Please contact Janet Haldeman ( or Alison Smock ( if you have any questions or want to be a part of this ministry.