Women of Wonder (WOW)
…gather on the first & third Wednesday of every month from 10:00 a.m. to12:00 noon in the St. Gabriel room. Women of Wonder is an opportunity for mothers with young children to explore God’s grace and presence in the ups and downs of everyday life of motherhood.  WOW will continue to extend friendship and hospitality as we reach out to new mothers offering welcome and community. Childcare is provided at no charge and infants are welcome to join us in our group sessions. For more information please contact Judy Hine at children@stdavidchurch.org or at 770-993-1094, ext. 122, or contact  Sara Greene at jsgreene6@gmail.com.

Calling All Moms!
We want YOU!!  WOW (Women of Wonder!) 2.0. Let’s come together and share in the joy and challenge of raising children. We will have time for informal fellowship, as well as time for intentional conversation and devotion. Please email Sara Greene at JSGreene6@gmail.com for more info.

Wednesday Morning Women’s Bible Study
Meets weekly on Wednesdays, in Grace PH at 11:00 a.m.
Each class will focus on recognizing the presence of God in everyday life through our culture, history, and group or individual experience as well as through exploration of traditional sources like the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer.







to join us in a weekly in-depth online Bible Study of

a fascinating portion of the Old Testament!


The nation of Israel had transitioned into a monarchy with the reigns of King Saul and King David. We pick up the story at the beginning of the book of 1 Kings where King Solomon now ascends to the throne.  Under King Solomon’s leadership, Israel rises to the peak of her glory.  However, Solomon’s zeal for the Lord diminishes in his later years as his pagan wives turn his heart away from the exclusive worship of God.  Solomon’s divided heart leads to a Divided Kingdom!  Upon Solomon’s death, the nation of Israel splits into two kingdoms—the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah.

Come journey with us as we observe what happens to God’s chosen people during this era. Discover why a loving God begins to send a series of brave prophets to call the people to return to the Lord (oh, how far they will have drifted from Him!).  The story of God’s passionate pursuit of His wandering children is incredible!   It’s a timeless message that still speaks to us today!

The online class begins Thursday, Sept. 10. It’s free and available to everyone! Please contact stdavidchurch.org  to request class study materials. More details to follow soon.  All are welcome whether you are brand new to Bible Study or are a seasoned lover of Scripture or are somewhere in-between.  We love new faces!

Prayer and service, which meets on the second Saturday of each month in Grace Parish Hall at 10:00 am during the school year. All women are invited to our meetings. DOK also takes responsibility for the funeral receptions at St. David’s and support the priests as they ask. For more information, contact Connie Desanato at connie.desanto@gmail.com.