What is Foyers?
The French word, “foyer” means “hearth or fireside,” and suggests small groups in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Foyer provides an opportunity get to know other members of our parish over an informal, intimate potluck dinner.  These gatherings are devoted to getting to know each other and having fun together.  Groups of 6 to 8 (combined at random, rather than by age, zip code, etc.) meet monthly for a simple meal and fellowship buy xenical in canada which nurtures and builds our community.  There is no agenda.  Couples or individuals take turns hosting the monthly gatherings over a five to six-month period. Each Foyers group determines its own meeting date.

Foyers is a great way for new members to meet parishioners from different services and to become more integrated into our parish family. For more information, please call or email Connie DeSanto at 678-677-1399 or connie.desanto@gmail.com.