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Foyers Dinner Groups Forming

Foyers Means Friends, Food and Fellowship
Foyers comes to us from a tradition in the Church of England. Foyers, the French word for hearth or fireplace, meet in members? homes or some other place of the group?s choosing. These small groups of 8-10 people (couples or singles) experience the warmth of fellowship and serve as models of Christian community. Foyers meet monthly in the home of one of the members of the group. Meeting places and meals are decided by the group. There is no agenda, no pressure, no soul-baring required. Just have fun getting to know fellow parishioners you might not have met before. It is simply a time to share warm friendship with fellow Christians. Stay in the program and you will meet many, many people you might not have met otherwise. Casual gatherings in homes are a step beyond chatting in the hallway before or after services.
Contact Connie DeSanto at to let her know your interest.
You may also sign up in the mailbox hallway.

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