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Contacting Us

Have a question? Want to offer feedback? Need more information? Here's the place. We can also be contacted by mail or phone (770-993-6084). We want to hear from you!

  • Visitor
    The visitor page presents a form where visitors to St. David’s Episcopal Church or to this Web Site can request additional information, and/or request that a representative of St. David’s contact them.
  • Member
    The member page provides a form where parishioners can ask questions or make recommendations to the Clerics, Vestry, or Staff of St. David’s Episcopal Church
  • Hospital visitation
    The hospital visitation page provides a form for notifying St. David’s that a parishioner or member of the parishioner’s family is in the hospital.
  • Audio tape request
    The audio tape request page presents a form for ordering Audio tapes of recent sermons and other special events.
  • People
    The people page provides a means for sending email to any member of the Clergy, Vestry, or Staff of St. David’s Episcopal Church.
  • Meeting/Space Request
    The Space Request provides a form for requesting space and resources for a meeting.
  • Questions/feedback
    The question/feedback page provides a form for communicating any questions or feedback to the Clergy, Vestry, or Staff of St. David’s Episcopal Church.

    To report any problems you have encountered or observed while using this web site, please contact Linda Thomas.