10th Grade (Confirmation): The youth Confirmation program at St. David’s typically takes place throughout the course of the sophomore year of high school. In order to be Confirmed, one must take on the responsibility of being an adult member of the Church, as well as a responsibility for their own faith. There are several requirements that must be fulfilled in order to be confirmed, but the main instruction takes place during the Sunday School hour (10:15-11:00) at the Sinclair House.  Michael and Jill Sutton lead the class and value good conversation and debate amongst the Confirmands.  For more information on how to pursue being Confirmed, please contact Wallace Benton… or just drop by the class and talk to Michael or Jill!

**If you are in 10th grade and NOT interested in being Confirmed, no problem!  Join the rest of the class and enjoy the conversation!**

May 9th                                       CONFIRMATION!!!