Welcome to Children’s Ministry at St. David’s, a dynamic, intergenerational ministry seeking to fulfill the mission of the church: to unite all people to Christ and to one another especially through ministry to the children and families of the parish, and to our neighboring community.

Children’s Ministry seeks with God’s grace and guidance to continue to build and grow relationships centered on a foundation of belonging and the assurance of God’s love for each of us; to connect, have silly fun, pray, and learn the stories of Jesus and the Bible with St. David’s Family and friends.

We seek God’s grace and guidance and invite all to support the work, play, discovery, and growth of Children’s Ministry through the following practices:

  • To welcome all in Christian hospitality.
  • To grow in faith through the experience of shared weekly worship including both traditional worship and Messy Church, shared prayer and spiritual reflection.
  • To grow in knowledge and joy through regular participation in a dynamic Sunday school and midweek Christian Education programs grounded in Biblical teaching, shared devotion, prayer, and the building of friendships.
  • To minister to one another, to listen to and learn from one another as a fundamental way to strengthen our bonds in Christian friendship and concern for others through activities that promote fun, empathy, fellowship, and outreach partnership.


March 29, 2020

St. David’s Children’s Ministry
Connect, listen, care, and create
For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity,
but of love, power, and self-control.
2 Timothy 1:7

Greetings from Children’s Ministry to all parents, grandparents, and friends,

“That was then, this is now,” it’s a quote my friend Christine shares with me anytime we’re seeking to bring ourselves to the present, adapt, keep going-to “Keep on keeping on” as my dad says.

St. David’s parents and many grandparents along with so many others in the world are working at capacity to adapt and care for family and self during this new and remarkable season. Daily life can feel overwhelming with virus updates, digital learning, isolation, and concern for the economy. Plus everybody is at home and always hungry or using up the toilet paper!

Children often teach us what they need through their behavior. If there are tears at home, frustration, angry outbursts, trouble engaging-these can be signs of grief which is normal and natural. Everyone has adjusted to many changes and challenges these last 2 weeks and that includes children. Separation from friends and familiar routines, shouldering disappointments of cancelled sports, school plays, postponed birthday celebrations, are real and meaningful losses for a child.

How can you as a parent support your child’s natural grieving process? Continue to seek God’s grace and guidance taking life one day at a time. Listen, name the losses, breathe, go easy on yourself and those you love. You are doing difficult work and a beautiful job!
Continue to trust your instincts for screen breaks, to just be, go outside if possible, and give children time and space to run, jump rope, build forts, ride bikes, draw, eat snacks, say mealtime and bedtime prayers.

God is always creating and the freedom, play, and unscheduled time will give your child a chance to engage their imagination and express their grief as they reconnect with themselves and you with one another.

Children’s Ministry is here in support and connection too-in prayer, through phone calls, texts, videos, and emails, in the Illumination, and on the website sharing simple, creative resources and ideas for ways to think about God, pray together, and to learn and gain strength from our faith by sharing Bible stories, art, and fun activities. Please share your ideas with me too! 🙂

Please email me with your ideas and needs! children@stdavidchurch.org, jmh2344@gmail.com; call or text 404-272-3878 to set up a Face time visit for you and your child! 🙂 We are the church together!

God Bless You!


March 22, 2020

Hi Everyone!

Greetings! I’m thinking about you and your families and pray that you are well.

“In this time of social distancing, we need connection more than ever!” These good words from Laura Smith, St. David’s parishioner and mom to 5-year-old Peter and toddler Mallory resonated with me.

It’s important for me to stay connected to you, and us one with another! You are home caring for children of all ages, many of you are caring for your parents as well. You are tackling online learning in support of your kiddos and carrying on with work responsibilities. You are holding concern for your family, friends, and the world. That’s just a portion of it and that’s a lot!

Like you, I’m adapting, trying and learning new things to adjust and imagine anew one day at a time. Trusting God’s presence, feeling most connected to God’s love and strength when I name my own feelings of vulnerability, feelings that connect me in hopeful, life giving ways to my human beingness, to God, and to others.

• Will you let me know how you are doing and what I can do to help and support you? My cell-404-272-3878; home email-jmh2344@gmail.com. 🙂 This week and in the days ahead, I will continue to check in with you by text, phone call, email.

This Sunday morning at 10:30, St. David’s will stream worship live through Face Book! Stayed tuned for a parish wide email with how tos to join in! Thank you to Father Dean and our super communication team of staff and lay leaders to keep us informed and connected!

• Click the link below to check out Mother Michelle’s awesome video about the Sunday service and simple things you and your family can do to participate.

• 2 attachments to this letter! The 23rd Psalm which you can pray with your family! Thanks to our 2nd grade Sunday school teachers for sharing this version! Psalm 23 is filled with beautiful words and images, a perfect Psalm to memorize for children and adults! It is a comfort and encouragement in faith to commit these words to memory and turn to them whenever you’re in need of comfort and connection. That’s pretty much hourly for me!
• Also attached, a simple recipe for Thanksgiving Bread! You can use or improvise this recipe and bake your own “Communion” bread for Sunday! It’s yummy!

God Bless You! May the Peace of the Lord be with you!


March 12, 2020

Hello Everyone!

Greetings! I’m thinking about you and I give thanks for you and your families in my prayers.

• I’m emailing to share a few thoughts and resources related to the new reality of the corona virus and its impact on families, our communities, and the world.
How can we as members of a faith community do our best to manage our own natural and normal anxiety, stay informed separating fact from fear, and trust the God of our prayers to walk with us, those we love, and all people through times of both certainty and uncertainty?

“Lord make me an instrument of your peace,” these words from the prayer of St. Francis continue to come to mind. What are the ways, daily and simple, that we can continue especially now to be the church in the world?

As we look ahead to this Sunday and to the days ahead, attuned to and adapting to best practices to keep our families healthy and to support others, here are 3 things I believe we can do as individuals and in our families:

• Pray as a family seeking God’s grace and guidance, thankful for our blessings, and praying for the needs of others.
• Listen and talk to children about any questions they have concerning the corona virus.
• Create habits at home to remember and reach out to others(reach out to friends and family members with a phone call, send a letter or drawing to connect with a loved one and send them cheer). These habits of remembering and gratitude are faithful practices for any time! 🙂

Here are 2 links for resources I like with practical guidelines for talking to children about the corona virus. The first link for younger children, and the second for older children:

• https://www.pbs.org/parents/thrive/how-to-talk-to-your-kids-about-coronavirus

• https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/talking-with-children.html

I’ll continue to be in touch, I’m here if you need me, and it gives me hope and strength always to know you are there too.
God bless you and keep you!

We are grateful for the blessings that you have given us.
Give us strength and courage to share our blessings, help each other,
and to share the love that you have given us. St. David’s Lenten Meditation