New Prayer Requests this Week
Bill Wigton, Homestretch families, Linda C., Laura Harrison Salsich, Jean Rock.

Please Pray for
Sister Hannah, Linda Simmering, Beverly Chase, Rufus & Myrtle Cook, Brenda Sierra, Kraig Shetler, Frank Barnhill, Pam Frain, Maureen Whitfield, Cathi White, Patti Simmons, Chips McCallum, Lisa Klausman, Oleg Kraevska, Heidi Borders, Jimi Andoe, Jennifer Carroll.

Pray for Those Who Have Died
Beverly Moore, aunt of Elizabeth Moncrieff; Grace DiMase, aunt of Connie Flowers; Dave Farra, friend of Deacon Tom Ader; Mike Irwin, brother of Bill Irwin; Lucille Herron, grandmother of Kathleen Ingraham.

Long Term Prayers Asked For (this list may only be printed once or twice a month, but will be on the church website each week at
Pat Wilson, Suzanne Cameron, Emmy Lou Faber, Carolyn Lynem, Miguel Talledo, Fauvette Ducksworth, Clarissa King, Ucola Forness, Claudia Smith, Mike Lord, Sue Farner, Dave Farner, Laraine McNeal, Nan Wright, Velta Stroup, Jack Wagner, Linda Walters, Kendra Laird, Susan Oetjen, Phil Parker, Gretchen Daneke, Donald Ross, David Garrett, Andi Kay Boroff, Cole Christian, Frank Coleman, Anne Moroz, Joyce & Brian Heyer, Shirley McBurney, Bill Thomas, SSG Wayne Ellyson USA, PV2 Robert Reinecke USA, AW01 Justin A. Blaylock, USN, Forrest Browne, U.S. Army; Ga. National Guard, Major Christopher Harris, US Army, SFC Aaron Causey, USA; CSM Forbes Daniels; PFC Randall Reed, USA; Cullen Johnson, SSgt. Dustin Walters, USAF; USMC 2nd Lt. Andrew Patterson; Drake House residents.