New Prayer Requests this Week

Tom Lynch, Marsha Powell, Madeline Bounds, Kate Daly, and Marjorie Picklesimer


Please Pray for

Marshall Hunt, Co-worker of Tony Pacheco, Amanda Scott, Rufus and Myrtle Cook, Al C., James Parker, Sergio Villa, and Madeline Bounds.


Long Term Prayers Asked For (this list may only be printed once or twice a month, but will be on the church website each week at

Clint Butler, Anne Moroz, Chad Ray, Christopher Hathaway, Oakes family, Lelia & Henry Blizzard, Becky and Audrey and Harper Georges, Robert Betts, Patrick Crawford, Bill & Beth Wall, Meghan Kwon, Jane Morrison, Robin McGuirk, Robert Riggins, Jean Rock, Anne Newton, George Rhodes IV, Laura Harrison Salsich, Stan Hawkins, Noah Keen, Tom Ashman, Jackie Elam, Jo Schuchardt, Ken Szeto, Evie Cullen, Angela Barden, Nidsa Stokes, Emmy Lou Faber, Claudia Smith, Mike Lord, Dave Farner, Laraine McNeal, Nan Wright, Jack Wagner, Kendra Laird, Donald Ross, David Garrett, Joyce & Brian Heyer, Shirley McBurney, Bill Thomas.