God, our Creator, we are held in your everlasting arms,
Jesus, our Savior, we are healed by your wounded hands,
Holy Spirit, be present as we reach out to one another in love.

Our scripture contains many stories of the healing power of God. One can find stories of God’s healing throughout the Old Testament and the New Testament. Stories of healing are an integral part of our Christian identity and our experience as a Faith Community.

On Sunday, January 26, 2014 our St. David’s community commissioned Healing Prayer ministers to begin a 3-fold Healing ministry. Since then, prayer ministers have been available for healing prayer and unction at each of our Sunday morning services. In addition, we offer Healing of Memories for those who desire the deeper healing that is necessary when one carries the spiritual wounds of abandonment, abuse, addiction, or loss. And also, we take time to come together for healing prayer and to offer thanksgiving for God’s healing action in our lives and our communities as we gather together in faith and worship the 1st Sunday evening of every month.

Parishioners and visitors are invited and encouraged to participate in one or all of these healing opportunities as we stand in the knowledge that it is God’s desire that we live in the fullness of His love and mercy.

Healing Prayer and Unction – If you or a loved one is seeking healing of an illness or desire peace from a fear or life situation, our prayer ministers are available for a brief prayer and unction at each of our Sunday services. Simply go to St. Bridgit’s cheapest xenical online australia Chapel after receiving Communion. A prayer team will be waiting to welcome you and pray with you.

Healing of Memories – Healing of memories is for those of us who are carrying deep spiritual woundedness resulting from living in a world that is broken. We may be burdened with wounds of abandonment, addiction, or abuse. Perhaps we have experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage, abortion, or tragic accident. We may find ourselves angry with God and not know how to find our way back to His love and acceptance. Healing of Memory sessions are available to anyone seeking the care and compassion that only God can give. Sessions are made by appointment only and are strictly confidential. To make an appointment, please contact – Kathy Holman at kholman@stdavidchurch.org

St. David’s Healing Worship Services – Our Healing Worship Services are held quarterly on the 1st Sunday evening of the month at 6:00pm. Homilies at each of our Healing Services will be given by people in our parish who have personally experienced God’s healing touch in their life. Liturgical prayers at this service are focused on petitions of healing and thanksgiving for ourselves, our communities, our nation, and our earth.

Please prayerfully consider where healing might need to happen in your life and reach out in faith and courage to the One who cares for His Own.

O God, the source of all health;
So fill my heart with faith in your love,
that with calm expectancy I may make room
for your power to possess me,
and gracefully accept your healing;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen