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The Caring Committee provides home-cooked meals to parishioners when there are stresses in their lives. This can include the joyous occasion of a birth, times of illness, short and extended, and in the sorrow of death. Caring Committee volunteers fall into four categories: Caring Bakers, Caring Deliverers, Cook-A-Thon participants and the “Chicken Soup” Group. You may volunteer in one area or in all four!

The Caring Bakers prepare a freezable breakfast bread or dessert in their home every two months during a scheduled two-week period. Bakers may bake at their own convenience during that time. The desserts are wrapped by the baker and placed in the Caring freezer in the church pantry. In addition, the Caring bakers are asked to provide one or two items for the bake sale at the annual xenical buy now Fall Festival and to provide volunteers to work the booth.

The Caring Deliverers are scheduled for 15-day periods. The church office contacts the deliverer when a need is identified. The deliverer contacts the parish family, picks up the meal at the church and delivers it to the family at a mutually agreeable time.

caringmealministryThe Cook-A-Thon participants gather 3 to 4 times each year in the parish kitchen to prepare one-dish meals, accompaniments and salads that freeze well. These are the meals that the Caring Deliverers take to parishioners. Cook-a-thons are usually scheduled on weekday mornings. Participating “cooks” bring a favorite dish to share with the group while cooking or follow their cooking with a potluck meal.

If there are questions, please contact Amy Eliza Springer (770-569-9620) or Tirihia Landry.