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An Important Update on the Return to Sanctuary Worship

An Important Update on the
Return to Sanctuary Worship
Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As you know, last month, we set the date of July 19 as our return to worship
in our sanctuary—with, of course, a host of important safety steps to make
us all as safe as possible. However, as you also know, there has been an alarming increase of COVID-19 cases in our area in the past week, and this has been of concern to me, the bishop, and the Vestry.

In a statement to the clergy this morning, Bishop Wright has “strongly
urged” all parishes in the diocese to not re-gather during the month of July.
Your Vestry and I are in agreement with this.

Two important things about this:

First, we will continue to provide on-line Eucharist for the Sunday, 10:30 time, as we have all along. I thank God daily for the dedicated, talented staff at St. David’s that makes this possible.

Second, all of the work and preparation for our re-entry, work done by our
Protocol Committee and the Vestry will remain in place, ready for when we
do return to worship.

And, as you can imagine, we’re not going to set a
return date at this time. We will go into more detail later down the road on what that will be like. But we should all be thankful for the hard, careful work of that Protocol Committee, and of all the other parish committees and guilds who have done such great work to keep the “church” happening even when we’re not all in
the “church building.”

A final word, about what I’ve heard described as “Coronavirus News
Fatigue.” It’s frustrating to not know what is coming next, and we’ve been
dealing with this Virus for what seems like years.

I know that your clergy and I have been so frustrated about not being able to
see you in the hospital, or in your homes for communion. And for all of us,
to not see one another and receive Communion on Sunday morning is dis-
heartening, to say the least.

But I really do believe that we are being called on to take on the spiritual
virtues of patience and endurance. It’s a good time to remember that God
does not promise that we can avoid hard times; God does promise that the
Holy Spirit will give us the spiritual gifts necessary to get through those hard

As Paul says, “…we (know) that suffering produces endurance, and
endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does
not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts
through the Holy Spirit. (Romans 5: 3-5),

So, stay strong, St. David’s! We will stay in touch, so you keep in touch and
let your clergy and staff know how you are doing.

Take good care of one another, and of yourselves, keep up your pledges,
wash your hands, find things that make you laugh, and give you joy. And, as
always, take it to God in prayer.

God bless you all.


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