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An Easter Letter from Fr. Dean

How Shall We Sing the Lord’s Song in a Strange Land?

Psalm 137:4

Being the Church without being together is simply wrong! It goes against all that we believe and are used to in our usual Church lives. And yet, here we are, in this “strange land” of worship by video or Facebook, relationships in which we are not able to reach out and touch the ones we love.

“I ache to be in church,” one parishioner wrote me, and I hope that we all, similarly, “ache” to be separated from one another and from the holy spaces that we love at St. David’s.

As I have said more than once, God did not send us this virus to punish us, to “test” us, or to use as an “object lesson.” Bad things happen in this world. “An enemy has done this,” says the farmer’s field hand when they realize that someone has spread weed seeds amidst the wheat.

However, God is able to use tragedy to bring good out of evil, and this virus is no exception. Perhaps we will come out of this with a renewed love and appreciation of St. David’s, and a greater resolve to be an even stronger “Family of God,” and “Body of Christ.”

To that end, the Vestry at St. David’s wants to give you the opportunity in this season to make a special thank offering. All of the money we collect in this offering will be given to ministries outside our parish, where there is genuine need. It will go to Homestretch, Unidad, Drake House, Path to Shine, North Fulton Community Charities, the Lamb’s Institute in Honduras, Habitat for Humanity, and many more. Please make your outreach gift through St. David’s as a special thank offering.

So please, follow the link below to make an online donation or make your check out to St. David’s and mail it to us. Please make sure to note “Outreach Ministry” on your checks and if you are making an online donation, use the drop down menu to choose “Outreach Special Donation”. And remember, when all of this is over, what a time we will have!

Grace and Peace,



Online Donation

Directions For Making Online Donations 

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