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A Message from the Stewardship Committee

For the past several weeks, we have studied the marks of Christian discipleship through weekly meditations, scripture readings, prayers, and video messages from your fellow parishioners. We pray that these messages have inspired reflection and spiritual growth.
With the study series completed, we now turn to our 2021 Pledge Campaign. Your Vestry and Stewardship Committee asks you to support St. David’s by completing a pledge card. Your financial commitment is a tangible display of Christian discipleship and is critically important to the life of St. David’s, particularly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.
If you did not receive a pledge card, you may download one by please contact Rebecca Cline at or make your pledge online through the St. David’s app or website.
If you have already pledged, thank you very much. If you have not, please unveil your heart to Christ and complete your pledge today.
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