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Pastoral Care at St. David's

Each and all of us at one time or another is in need. The need may be a simple as someone to talk to or the need may be as difficult as dealing with ending relationships, life threatening illness or the death of a loved one. The Savior whom we serve, the Lord Jesus modeled for the Church what it is to care for people. We have adopted that model. There is a priest on call 24 hours a day every day. We will come to you when called and do so with a glad heart.

We believe that most pastoral care takes place just because we are in relationship with God’s people. It is in knowing you and about you that we are able to care for you. Certainly we are available in times of crisis – but we are just as available for a cup of coffee. Out of these times grows our ability to know and care for you.

Parishioners at St. David’s will discover that we are here for you no matter how young. A child of 7 has the same access to a priest as does a member of the Vestry.

The clerics meet weekly to discuss the concerns of the parish. So, at any one time all the clergy know about all the concerns of the parish. The priest working most closely with you knows details and the other clerics know enough to allow for meaningful prayer and a sensitivity to you.

There is no problem too small or big for us to be concerned about and involved with and there is nothing more important to us than our pastoral care duties. We visit people in the hospital, usually before a procedure to pray and regularly while hospitalized. We are glad to come to a home and pray with people at any time. We try and be in parishioner’s homes two evenings a week. We work with children and young people and families in crisis. Often we can be a starting place as we work to help find clinical or other appropriate care outside the church. We only refer to people we have come to know and trust.

Eucharistic Visitors Ministry

St. David’s Eucharistic Visitors are available to bring Communion to any parishioner or family member who is unable to attend church to receive the Eucharist.

We serve those who are regularly home-bound as well as those in nursing homes; and we visit parishioners in hospitals or rehab facilities – anywhere that is convenient for the parishioner and his or her family members. The service includes the lessons of the day and special prayers, if requested by the parishioner.

In addition to the service itself, we also bring copies of the most recent church bulletins and keep those visited up to date on church activities. Those we call on are glad to be reminded that their parish family care deeply about them and are praying for their speedy recovery.

If you or a loved one would like to receive the Eucharist when unable to attend regular church services, please call Rev. Anne Elizabeth (770-963-6084; or contact Tony Cobourn (770-992-6019; or Allison Wilson (770-993-9766; directly.